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DNA – temporary employment agency offers professional services in the field of recruitment and employment of temporary employees as well as HR consulting and provision of permanent recruitment.

DNA – temporary employment agency

DNA – temporary employment agency for a number of years has been specializing in delivery of professional services in human resources management. We specialize in employee leasing, but our experienced team also provides all other recruitment projects and activities in the field of HR consulting. Our cooperation with Polish and foreign Partners is a safeguard of our competences. We do realize that you value your time; therefore, we respond to inquiries swiftly, and for Customers cooperating with us, we are able to find best suited employees within 24 hours.

Our advantages

D‘ont worry, we have at our disposal a database of over 10,000 tested employees, ready to take up temporary work throughout the country. We recruit staff regardless of time and type of the planned employment period. We carry out recruitment process, even if you need an employee only for few hours.

Outsourcing in brief

Note that our services prove best in the case of substitutions for absent employees (sick leaves, holidays, unplanned absences), the need to deliver an ad-hoc or unusual projects, fluctuations in employment related to the seasonal nature of business activity or externally imposed restrictions in full-time employment.

Letter of inquiry

A call or an email from your part and we will immediately prepare a detailed estimate of the service. The cost of our services depends on many factors but, as a rule, it is the product of hourly or daily rate of pay. We prefer clear and transparent rules of cooperation; therefore you do not incur any costs until the moment of hiring an employee.



Temporary work

Temporary work is a form of employment, involving delegating the employees hired by us to work for the Customer. With this option, you are able to react and response instantly if there is a demand for employees,

Employee takeover

After the period of the employment lease, our Customers can take over (or, in other words, acquire) the employee and to hire them directly in their team.

The DNA’s offer also includes Try & Hire formula.

Employee Leasing

Employee Leasing is an increasingly used method of optimizing the employment. Temporary employee leasing enables you to both reduce permanent employee’s burden and allows for swift substitution of absent employees.


Below you will find a photo gallery of some of our Clients. These are our best references!

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