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DNA - agencja pracy tymczasowej - Praca tymczasowa


Temporary work is a specific form of employment, involving delegating the employees hired by us to work for the Customer. With this option, you are able to react and response instantly if there is a demand for employees, without the need of executing a lengthy and costly recruitment process. We also take care of any and all formalities related to employment and any HR and/or remuneration-related tasks.

Below are some of your key benefits:

  • Recruitment and selection of personnel directly from our database of staff
  • Saving time invested in the search for a proper candidate
  • Much lower employment costs as compared to the employment contract
  • Outsourcing of tasks in the field of HR and remuneration (payroll)
  • Cost-free recruitment and selection process
  • No need to sign long-term contracts
  • Possibility of short-term employment
  • Possibility to test and substitute an employee
  • Settlement based on VAT invoice


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