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DNA - agencja pracy tymczasowej - Outsourcing, leasing pracowników


Employee Leasing is an increasingly used method of optimizing the employment. Temporary employee leasing enables you to both reduce permanent employee’s burden due to routine duties, which result in a decrease in motivation and performance, and allows for swift substitution of absent employees.

DNA runs a database of potential employees, which we update and expand every day. We are distinguished by swift operation and effective performance. We deliver first list of candidates who meet your requirements and needs usually after 72 hours (but we can shorten this time even up to 24 hours) from placing an order.

It is the Customer who takes the final decision on employing a given person to perform a particular task. We take care of any and all formalities related to recruitment and employment.

You are most welcome to submit requests for proposals!

Our Customers often benefit from the formula of employee leasing, hiring:

– office clerks
– secretaries (male/female)
– assistants (male/female)
– receptionists (male/female)
– accountancy employees

– telemarketers
– IT specialists


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