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DNA - agencja pracy tymczasowej - Przejęcie pracownika


After the period of the employment lease, our Customers can take over (or, in other words, acquire) the employee and to hire them directly in their team. With many years of experience and expertise, our staff are perfectly matched to the positions they held – that is why our Customers often decide to choose this option and aboard the employee we recruited in their Company. This is a proof ad confirmation of our competences and effectiveness.


Try & Hire is in fact a formula combining the advantages of temporary work and permanent recruitment. Our Customers who use the employee leasing services, often tend to treat the lease time as a trial/probation period, allowing to make the right decisions concerning the employment of an employee on a permanent basis. This strategy is a safeguard that the employee will meet the expectations he/she is expected to meet.

The cost of a standard employee acquisitions service, and a Try & Hire model, consists only in a one-off fee stipulated in the contract.